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My Journey with the Angels
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Friday 20th, April


From as early as she can remember , Patricia took the presence of the angels for granted. She also took for granted that she could speak to the spirit world. Though her childhood was often tough and she went through the torments of poverty, neglect and abuse, the angels and the spirit world made her feel secure and cherished.

As she got older , life got even tougher, she slept rough; she was committed to a mental ward and put on medication; a boyfriend tried to kill her. She gave up on the angels . Though she found love in a good marrige and joy in the birth of her children, for nearly twenty years until she was forty ,

Patricia remained fragile and dependent on tranquillizers.In 2002 she was woken up by a chance encounter with someone who recognised her hidden spiritual energy. She gave up on the pills and she welcomed the angels back into her life. She knew the time had come to share her gift with the world.

Now she shares her story in My Journey with the Angels; a wonderful memoir of growing up in Dublin, a moving account of how she came to terms with her extraordinary gifts, and an inspirational guide - full of examples from her life and her work - to the wisdom of the angels.



Someone once asked me
How I hold my head up so high after all I’ve been through.
I said,
It’s because no matter what, I am a survivor. Not a victim.