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Friday 20th, April





The latest angel book to hit the shelves is Patricia Yaya Buckley's My Journey With The Angels. The memoir of Patricia's life is a touching personal account of her difficult childhood spent between Ireland and England interwoven with an ordinary woman's struggle to cope with an extraordinary gift.

In the book, Patricia details her first angelic experience as a nine-year-old child when she vividly recalls being struck by a car while en route to buy bread and milk at a shop near her home where she grew up in Manchester.

She says: "I remember the car hitting me and the driver remembers hitting me but I ended up on the path. It felt as if I had been lifted by someone but there was nobody around -- to me this was my first real encounter with the angels."

She tells how she was brought up by her grandparents and moved between Dublin and Manchester. After her grandmother died Patricia became ill. On doctor's advice her father had her admitted to a psychiatric hospital for three months where she was administered electric shock therapy.

The heartbreaking tale recounts her childhood of poverty and neglect followed by terrible experiences in adulthood of sleeping rough and an abusive ex-boyfriend who tried to kill her.

The story changes tempo when Patricia meets her husband-to-be, Stephen. The couple, who now live in Finglas and run the successful Angels of Ireland shop and website, marry after a whirlwind romance and have three children.

But she remains troubled and in need of regular hospital treatment and antidepressants until 2001 when a newspaper advertisement prompts her to make an appointment with a woman that can speak to angels.

The woman sees white light around Patricia and is able to hear messages for her from her grandmother and other dead people. This prompts Patricia to set up an angel room in her house, ditch pills and reawaken her spiritual energy.

The story, which includes many inspirational examples of angels at work in everyday lives, is moving and ultimately uplifting, bringing readers up to the present day and Patricia's determination to embrace her gifts and share her ability with others.

Daily Mail (London)

Byline: MY JOURNEY WITH ANGELS by Patricia Yaya Buckley

Article: How the angels steered me back to health; With astonishing candor, Patricia explains how her belief in angels lead to her being institutionalised and brought a bleak discovery...(Features)

From a young age, Patricia Yaya Buckley could see angels and speak to them, but it brought her a lot of misery when no one believed her except her Nanny Bridget, who also had the gift. After Bridget's death and the memory of childhood sexual abuse by a neighbour, as well as an abusive relationship in which she was so badly beaten she nearly died, Patricia was so exhausted she went to the doctor. She soon found herself in psychiatric care undergoing electric shock treatment. How she survived it and went on to embrace her gift, and even to help the Garda Siochana with a high-profile disappearance case, is revealed in this second extract of her inspirational memoir, My Journey With The Angels.

ONE Monday morning, I was especially tired. I had to drag myself out of bed. I said to the angels, 'What is wrong with me? Can you help me?' They said, 'Go to the doctor. You really must.' But I couldn't. I couldn't afford to take the day off work.

'You're suffering from exhaustion, Patricia,' they said. 'And if you don't do something about it you'll end up getting really ill.' I got myself ready for work somehow, but I'd never felt so tired. I remember getting as far as the gate. Then I woke up on the sofa. Mam was there and the smaller children too.

'What happened?' I asked. 'Why am I not at work?' 'You fainted,' said Mam. 'You collapsed at the gate.' That was the start of it all. I went to the doctor after that. I had to. He told me I was suffering from stress and would have to slow down.

'You have a hard life, Patricia. But you can't go on carrying the load for your family. I know you feel you should, but you just don't have the strength.' My doctor knew me well. He knew that Dad was an alcoholic who had a bad temper.

He knew that Mam got tired and needed my help with the younger children and he knew there were lots of small children to care for. I was grieving too. I couldn't believe how much I missed Nanny Bridget. She was my guide. She was like my mother really. I always felt safe around my nan. She was the only one who really cared how I was. And, of course, she understood about the angels. I could say to her, 'I've seen the angels and the spirit world,' and she would nod and understand. With her gone, nobody else ever did.



Someone once asked me
How I hold my head up so high after all I’ve been through.
I said,
It’s because no matter what, I am a survivor. Not a victim.



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